Friday, January 26, 2007

Who is God?


I hope whoever is interested in God related issues will take the time and share on this blog his/her views on God.. I really wish I can get different views on God, how people view Him, whatever faith they're following.. Note that this blog isn't intended to support a certain view of God, thus nobody is asked to defend a stance, however, whoever feels the urge to argue with others then do it in a constructive way...

My View on God
Who is God to me? This question is always in my head, I used to think God must have a certain shape, an icon, He must be somewhere, He must be something.. for instance, I remember that one time I was talking with my uncle about God, and asked him "what's God to u?" He answered " God is the trees, the nature, the sun, the mountains, He's the force of Nature..etc Yeah, that's Him, and He's everywhere." To be honest, I really liked my uncle's answer, it was astonishing to me, how come I never thought of God this way before.. But later on, I reached a different understanding of God, He can never be the "trees, the mountains, the sun..etc," no, this isn't God.. To me, God is Perfection, Truth.. By nature, Perfection means He's independent from anything, He doesn't need anything to exist, yet He exists. He doesn't have a shape or a form we ( humans) could understand.. I examined a lot of things such as the Sun, the Moon, Science, water, trees of course i couldn't cover everything, I discovered that there can be a general law that can describe almost everything in our lives which is dependency..
Nevertheless, Time is one of the things I couldn't understand, this question is still troubling me, "what is time?" Time, as far as i can see, is independent, Truthful and Perfect..Could time be God?